Scooter Wedding


The June Weddings have may long passed but you may still have a wedding or two left in your summer. And Target has just the thing. A scooter gift card featuring some abstract art and vintage silver scooters! Even better, for once the girl has her own scooter to ride. Thanks to Jules and Tom for this lovely find!

Available at Target stores or online:

Target Gift Card

A Fancy Pants Paper Model

Vespa 150 Papercraft.jpg

Here’s a vintage Vespa that may not be as much trouble putting together as the real thing!

It’s funny but the one thing that has gotten the most comment from Swagsters are these paper model posts. Here are links to past posts:

Paper Models Post One

Paper Models Post Two

So thanks to Laura B. for finding another one for us to craft out on!

News Flash

Scooter Stu found us a passenger for our scooter that you can also make:

Vespa Girl.jpg

Vespa Girl

NOT sitting on his dog house.

Snoopy Scooter.jpg

I always thought that Snoopy sitting on his dog house was a just cute fiction until I recently saw a dog sitting on top of his own dog house during a recent scooter ride.
I have also seen Snoopy and Woodstock scooter stuff before but it’s typically hard to find a reliable source for these items. This Snoopy is rather fancy as he’s crystal but he looks like he’s been glued onto one of the stock toy scooters that’s been around for awhile. Alas, Woodstock is not riding bitch. I include it here if you’re a real Snoopy-Scooter freak. He’s $170!

Santa gets an early start this year.


This is a rather limited edition figurine and he’s particularly special because he’s 10″ tall. If you’re interested I would hurry because I couldn’t find many retail sources online for this scootering Santa. He’s on sale for $51.35. Merry Christmas!

PS: Santa really is as cute as he looks. I broke down and got one. His wheels are firmly on the ground (unlike in the photo) and he’s incredibly detailed. Looks to be a green VB1 or even earlier scooter – handlebar version!