Ride into a wall without a scratch.

Vespa P Wall Decal

We’ve featured a bunch of different decals over the last couple of years. (Type “wall” into the Search window on the right side of the page to see them all.) Here’s yet another – this time a more modernish P type Vespa shipping from an American Company. (But note the UK electrical outlet near the back tYre!) It’s $68 and measures approximately 49″ wide and 35″ tall.

Thanks to Melissa L. for this great find!


Alfie Vespa Poster on Sale at Motorsport Scooters


True, this movie did come out in 2004 but then ScooterSwag wasn’t even around then!
Motorsport Scooters in San Diego has it on sale for $19.95 and they apparently there are only a few left. They measure 24″ wide and 34″ high and was a promotional poster that was only available to Vespa dealers. They come rolled and may have a few small creases.


Rage Against The Machine.


A pretty cute desk calendar. And it’s on sale at Daedalus (one of my favorite online books stores) for $4.98. So it makes a great stocking stuffer:

“Why be predictable when you can be provocative? In this little pink daily calendar, original bad girl Cameron Tuttle—author of The Bad Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want and other Bad Girl guides—offers advice on how to stop being a “good girl” and put some self-affirming fun in your life, from tips on how to get out of a speeding ticket (without resorting to tears) and boosting your sex appeal to birthday profiles of famous Bad Girls like Margaret Sanger and Glida Radner. Saturdays and Sundays share a page.”


Crafting Sites – A good source for Scooterista Christmas presents?


We’ve been a bit hesitant to put up swag from craft sites like CafePress.com and Etsy.com because sometimes the quality isn’t the best. Especially when it comes to printed stuff like t-shirts, stickers, etc. But we thought we’d let you be the judge.
Another site that’s been recently recommended to us is Zazzle.com. Above are some of the cuter offerings we’ve come across. From top to bottom – the t-shirt if from Zazzle, the glass bead is from Etsy and the sock monkey shirt is from CafePress. So just visit these sites, type in “scooter” and see if anything rocks your Santa socks.




Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons: Travels in Sicily on a Vespa


Matthew Fort continues the travels he began on a Vespa in “Eating Up Italy” in this new book:

(Scooter Swag Post on “Eating Up Italy”)

Here’s a book review:
“Attention lavished on Tuscany and the north of Italy has sometimes left Sicily languishing in travel literature’s backwaters. Sicily’s role as cradle of the Mafia and its separateness from the rest of the peninsula have also worked against it. On the other hand, the island’s rich history and unique amalgamation of African and European elements in its cultural patrimony make it perfect for the curious tourist. Aiming to give the place its proper due, Fort’s intimate portrait of modern Sicily introduces readers to the characters that enliven the place. Fort describes two journeys aboard his Vespa: one in spring, bisecting the isle from west to east; another in autumn, circumnavigating the coast. His narrative finds unity in the fabulous varieties of the foods he consumes along his way. Intensely proud and partisan, Sicilians argue the relative merits of sausages produced in towns just a few miles apart. Recipes conclude each chapter. –Mark Knoblauch”

It’s available at Amazon for $18:

Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons at Amazon.com

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: Hello Kitty Cell Phone Mascot


Ahh, she’s seen better days but this is still one of my favorite bits of swag. Apparently uber-rare, I haven’t come across another like her. A small yellow mouse with glasses rides on the back but it’s poor face is mostly gone. Wish I knew where I could buy more.

PS: Oh and guess what? It’s Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday! Happy Birthday Miss Meow! (If you’re a fan, be sure to type “Hello Kitty” into our search engine to see all the HK Scooter items we’ve posted about through the years.)

HK Anniversary

News Alert on that Famous Vespa Chair

We posted about these chairs late last week:

(Earlier Scooter Swag Post)

And I wanted to share the e-mail I received from the Bel y Bel studios in Barcelona in response to some of my questions:

“The Vespa chair is a really exclusive product, a limited series made from old Vespa scooters from the scrap yard.

All our products are handcrafted, 100% bel&bel. Their unique and uncommon character makes them suitable for window dressing and atrezzo in advertising campaigns and TV shows. Although, as a general rule, the majority of our products have a functional use, we like to consider them as being halfway between design and art.

The Vespa chair can be purchased by ordering directly from bel&bel (with the possibility of choosing the colour and finish). All the chairs are made from old Vespa scooters: the parts are salvaged and restored to become authentic handcrafts. The chairs are numbered to preserve their exclusivity: the customer receives the documentation that guarantees the chair’s authenticity and the owner’s name (just like any motorcycle owner receives its authentic documentation).

The starting price of the chairs is 1,800€. The final price will depend on the finish and the added extras. These are the prices for some finished models:

– Pearl white with white upholstery: 2,000€.
– Silver gray with black upholstery: 1,800€.
– Silver grey with black upholstery and flash lights: 1,900€.

All the models include a piston with height-adjustment.

All the chairs are produced in our Studio-Workshop, located in Barcelona. Regarding the shipment of our products, we have no agreements with international shipping companies: we can use the most convenient method for you (the shipment costs are to be paid by the customer).”

And here’s a link to the construction details of the chair including some interesting prototype photos:

(PDF of Construction Details)

Spanish Design Firm Bel Y Bel