Blue Mod Scooter Riding Cat. Enough said.

I include this for my predilection for all things feline and scooter. The only unfortunate thing about this hardcover children’s book seems to be that it is only available in the UK. So if you’re stateside and willing to pay some hefty shipping (or search on eBay) it can be yours. Still, it’s only £7.29. Here’s a description:

“Max is a sharp dresser who plays piano. He’s a very cool cat indeed. But one day while he’s writing a tune, he loses a note. So he rides his scooter downtown to see if anyone’s seen his note, calling in on singing group The Felines, Long Tall Dexter at his music store, Double Bass Sam, and lots more feline musicians. So it’s music, music all the way – but will Max ever find his lost note?”

Max and the Lost Note at

ScooterSwag is sooo international!

Thanks to Web Master Timmy we have some Google Analytics on ScooterSwag and I just find them fascinating. For instance, we average about 5,000 visitors a month from over 121 countries. That just blew my mind.

Here are the countries in order of how much they visit:
United States
United Kingdom
Indonesia (Beats out Canada by a mile! I didn’t see that coming.)
Russia (Wow! Just wow.)

So thanks for visiting Swagsters. And be sure to send us photos of Swag from your part of the world to tips (at)

Spirited Scooter Girl

Awhile back we posted about this neat greeting card:

Old Scooter Swag Post

Then over Christmas, Swagerista Rickie S. presented me with the same design on a coffee mug that came in its own gift box! (Thanks Rickie!)

It turns out that “Curly Girl Designs” has really expanded their line and now you can get this design on magnets, notepads, post-its, candles, water bottles, laptop skins, portable mini shopping bags and art prints.

To search for this design look for “The World Is Full of People” in the shop section of their site:

Safety first!

Remember when I asked about the baby carriage-scooter-sidecar combination I swore I had seen? Well as you can see, it DID exist. As a crazy promotion for Lambretta back in the 50s.

A safer bet may be the Vespa-ish “Roddler” Hot Rod Baby Carriage at just $2000:

It features “two rear and one front chrome wheels with fin-shaped fenders and white wall tires, color-matching brakes, wheel bullets, chassis, seat, and top, stainless steel hardware, chrome grips, an ultrasuede seat insert for comfort and carbon vinyl leatherette for the seat and top for added durability.” Or you can order one with a “Trike Kit” at $2,500 and transform the stroller into a trike when your kid is ready to take the wheel.

Thanks to Doughnut for this find!

(Be sure to see a similarly crazy Vespa promotion that South Africa is doing in a recent ScooterSwag post.)

New Year's Resolution: Always use designated driver!

Vespa South Africa has built a “Stretch Scooter” which can seat four people, and has two rear ends of the scooter put one after the other. Vespa called it “a family car on two wheels and kids will look forward to going to school on it. You can be the designated driver and can still park outside the front door of the party”. Okay!

Thanks to Doughnut for this find.