I'm not fat! I'm fluffy.

Cassie discovered Fat Kitty Falafel and I finally made it over to get a photo with this Portland, Oregon food cart on a glorious (finally!) Spring Thursday. Don’t know about where you live but Portland has become food cart central and it’s awesome. The cost of starting up a restaurant has gotten so prohibitive and this way check can strut their stuff without wrecking their credit.

Sitting on my 1960 VBA is the owner of Fat Kitty Falafel, the wonderful Al Herre. And he promises we’ll be some of the first to know when he prints some more t-shirts.

Thanks Cassie and thanks Al!


Tori Spelling likes scooters.

Tori Spelling’s clothing line for children is called “Little Maven” and fortunately for us, it features several garments with scooters on them. I really wish I could add water to the little cardigan and make it in my size. (Notice the detailed scooter tucked inside.) They’re on sale ($9-$19) so hurry!

Thanks to Rosanne G. and Julie G. for this great find.