Collector's Corner: Damion in the UK

Not since Rickie Starr’s collection have I seen such variety. Damion Fields is in Lowestoft, Suffolk on the East Coast of England about 5 minutes from the sea front. He has a 1976 Rally 200 and a 1958 Douglas Vespa. But of course it’s his little toys we care about here! Yes that’s a squeeze toy Panda on a Vespa. Never ever to be chewed by a dog I’m sure! Thanks Damo for the photos and happy hunting.

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: "Summer Ska" with the Skaooters

Here’s an album cover I hadn’t seen. It’s a 7″ and shows up on eBay from time to time apparently so happy hunting. Click on the link below to hear a sample and read more about the band who I believe is French! The album is from 1980.

Thanks to Chris B (aka ‘The Saint’ from Hawaii) for this find.

Eureka : a novel

I grabbed this book based on the cover, of course. Who doesn’t appreciate the lovely Cushman aesthetic?

It turned out to be a great, very touching read. Sort of a looks-like-a-midlife-crisis-on-a-scooter-but-is-really-a-needed-rebirth kind of story. I wouldn’t have given it a chance had I known the author is the same Jim Lehrer of the torturously boring MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour… but hey, the guy can write.

Find a copy.


Man! Cassie is fast on the uptake this week. I just saw this book for sale in my beloved Daedulus Books catalog yesterday They have it for sale for $3.98! And yes it’s a hard cover!