Lammy People: Mark your calendars!

Here’s some rally swag that should prove to be quite collectible. Thanks to longtime contributor Tom C. for the magnets and postcards.

Hey – does “Vintage Lambrettas Only” really mean “Vintage Lambrettas ONLY”? Cause I want to come! : )

A link to their Facebook page:

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Dario Scooter & Cat Brooch

The front of this scooter says “Vespa” but the back end is more Honda Elite. Oh and unless that’s a small panther stuffed in the back of that basket, no house cat’s head is that big. And I have seen some enormous house cats in my time. In any case, what a rare brooch! It measures a whopping 2″ long and is marked “Dario” on the back.
And just to make you all incredibly jealous, I got this on eBay for $6.50. With shipping.