Scooter Ornament Week:
Red Vespa Scooter

Happy Holidays! I am going to be as guilty as the retailers and start shoving Christmas down your throats. (At least I waited until after Thanksgiving though, right?) So this week I will feature a different scooter ornament for your tree . . . everyday!

First up is this glass ornament that measures 2.5″ tall and 3.75″ wide. It’s $12.99.

Thanks to Julie G for this find!

Odd Scoot Wine!

Wine maker Epicurean has released this 2007 Bistro Grenache. Note how the neck label mimics the scarf of the female rider – now that’s attention to detail! For those in the Portland, Oregon area, this wine is available in New Seasons Markets for around $13.99. For the rest of you, you can purchase it online for $12.99. If any of you do find this wine at a national or regional supermarket, please let us know, won’t ya?

Thanks to Becky M. for this fantastic find!

PS: I’ve heard reports that this is a Heinkel or a Zundapp Bella R204 but I think it’s more of a artistic license sort of scooter. If anyone has a photo of a scooter that most closely resembles this little guy, send it in at .