This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Hello Kitty & Tokidoki Japanese Toy

Back in November 2011, the Japanese proved yet again how rad they are by releasing a bunch of Hello Kitty & Tokidoki designed toys in their 7 ELEVEN (!) stores.

These can still be found on eBay for around $10 including shipping.

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Want to see the “runway show” of all of the 7 Eleven toys? Have at it:

The keys to a scooterist’s heart.

Tin toys and wind-up scooters are not only hard to find, but if they’re vintage they’re also fiercely expensive. But this time you’re in luck because all of these reproduction toys are on sale. The scooter girl (measuring 7″ long) is just $21.98, the circus elephant is $47.98, the delivery scooter is $19.98 and the set of two Vespas is $9.98. The perfect valentines for the hard-to-buy for scooterist!

Thanks to Daniel S. for these great finds.

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes.

I don’t like riding b*tch. Makes me too nervous. But these silhouettes make riding cupcake seem so romantic. The 10″ melamine plate is $24. Visit the site to see the whole selection featuring these scooter silhouettes, including prints, cards, etc.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Vespa P200 Pizza Cutter

Yes, you can order this Vespa Pizza Cutter for $17 . . . if you’re in Australia. Dwell in the UK had them for a month or so online but alas they have disappeared.

But as the only pizza cutter in the world that has its own kick stand, it’s worth the hunt.

Features two super sharp cutting wheels, with the second one to reinforce the slice. Made from food-safe plastic and stainless steel. Presented in a Pizza Scooter box. Dimensions: 17 x 12cm.

Zoom went the strings of my heart.

Last year I got all excited when I found a Triumph Tigress-esque valentine. Well it turns out I am a very lucky girl. Because a designer at Pottery Barn was probably one of the people I was bidding against on eBay. They feature the same valentine on a $12 card set, in a $20 plastic tumbler set, a $26 melanine plate set, in a paper heart garland and in a floor puzzle (available only in the stores.) Here’s a buying tip – if you just want the scooter plate, go to the stores and grab one. They’re just $6.50 and display wonderfully. The folks at my local store said everything would go on sale the week before Valentine’s Day.

Many thanks to Cara!

The Weekenders!

This is a limited edition screen print of “The Weekenders,” taken from UK artist Pete McKee’s latest exhibition “Great Moments in Popular Music.” I just love the Northern Soulie aspect to this scene, all the red and white and the little heart on the girl’s helmet … (clearing throat) which makes it perfect as a gift for Valentine’s Day. These special prints are individually hand printed, and finished by the artist. Each is also signed and numbered. There will only be 75 copies made and the prints measure 60 cm x 60 cm. Cost? £345.00

3-D Scooter Card … with sound effects!

You will want to only give this birthday card to your very best friends because it is so freakin’ cute! The scooter sounds true and the dog’s bark is especially precious. And it can stand alone on a shelf as a display. These Up With Paper cards can be had at Cost Plus World Markets in their wrapping paper/stationery section or you can order online for $7.50 a piece here:

Ciao Ciao! Kiss Kiss!

Moscato Bella 2010 is made from muscat canelli grapes and apparently is on the sweet side and is good for making wine cocktails. So this might make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone. You can order it online for $12 not including shipping and if your state allows. Haven’t been able to find it at a major retailer yet.

Thanks to Madeline G. for this find!

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P.S. Has any American mastered the Italian/French double air kiss? It looks so elegant but I just can’t seem to pull if off without feeling foolish or pretentious.