Another of my ventures

I seriously doubt that this will appeal to many of you, but you just never know what people are into! I have started another blog called “Girls Gone Wilder” which will cover the television show “Little House on the Prairie” in fetishistic detail. It’s also the reason why ScooterSwag has gotten short shrift over the past two weeks.

And Doxies have their day.

Imagine my surprise when I realized I had two different Daschsund scooter swags to post. First up is this beautiful necklace, handmade in Ireland and crafted in sterling silver. The front is 3-D and the wheels even spin, but it’s flat on the back so it sits well. It measures approximately 1.25″ wide and comes on an 18″ sterling silver snake chain. It’s €99.99 (Euros).

Next up is the stuffed Roxie the Doxie in her own scooter bag. She measures 7 x 3 x 8 inches and costs $12.99.

Doxie Necklace

Doxie Bag

Shiny Shiny!

Too often reproductions of scooters get the details wrong but this one is a very attractive example. I especially like the black tire detail. From Sweetpea & Willow in London & Ireland, this glorified paperweight is made of aluminum and measures 25cm x 10cm x 16cm. And hooray, they will ship overseas.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find.

Creative License

Christopher Vine’s Santa Barbara Design Studio has had several products featuring this Vespa bearing a strangely square leg shield. That map behind the scooter looks to be Rome. Since I haven’t seen very many scooter water bottles, I had to post it. It’s $19.99. And since it’s red, it might make a great Valentine’s Day present. Here’s a greeting card of this design we posted in the past.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find.