Show Us Your Scooter Quilts!

Gitta in San Diego shared a photo of a quilt a friend made her after she sent her the link to the scooter quilt pattern we posted here. And her friend did the quilt in the colors of Gitta’s own chariot. I particularly love the button (or button hole?) headlight.

Have you made your own quilts? Let’s see them! Send photos to tips AT

Upwardly mobile.

Finn & Emma is organically grown clothing & bedding shop for kids that seems to have just a little bit of a scooter fixation. (Yes, that little baby is playing with wooden scooters on his mobile!) They have rompers, coveralls, footies featuring their scooter as well as bedding and some toys. There doesn’t seem to be one online shop that has all of their goods but if you visit their retailers’ site you can get an idea of what’s available. One of my favorite shopping tricks is to search for the item in Google Images. Just type “Finn Emma Scooter” and see what you find.

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Full Scale Lambretta Paper Models

Chris Gilmour is a UK artist based in Udine, Italy and who makes a wide variety of highly detailed full-sized paper sculptures of everyday objects. You can visit his site below to see other models, see “work in progress” and read an interview.

Thanks to Julie G. for this fabu find!

“Goin’ Places” Scooter Fabric

We featured other designs of this fabric but at the time I didn’t realize how many there were! There are several designs and several color choices so click below to see them all. The official name of this line is “Now We’re Goin Places” by Timeless Treasures and it retails for around $6.99 a yard.

Not sure who to credit with this find: let me know!

Still cold where you are?
Crochet yourself a scooter!

If you’re in intermediate crocheter or can understand basic crochet instructions, you can make your very own soft cuddly fenderlight Vespa scooter. It measures approximately 8″ long and it’s just $5.99 to download the instructions. Please send ScooterSwag a photo if you make one!

Thanks to Julie G. for this find.

Scooter Crochet Pattern on

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
1980s Lindsey Motor Scooter Toy

Here’s a bit of rare swag you can own for $75.77. “Lindsey” was Sears’ own answer to Barbie. So if your doll measures 11.5″ she can ride this scooter. It’s friction powered and apparently from another planet as well because the only two-wheeled vehicle I’ve ever seen remotely like this would be in the blaxploitation movie “Darktown Strutters” which I’ve included a link to below.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

Lindsey Friction Scooter on Amazon