Baron Von Shock Comic #2

This is the cover of Issue 2 Rob Zombie’s comic books series “Whatever happened to Baron Von Shock?” It started in May 2010 and is about a fictitious horror host who battles fame. The first issue sold out in less than a week. This issue can be had for $9.00 or thereabouts on Amazon.

Whatever Happened To Baron Von Shock? #2 (Rob Zombie)

Scooter Girl Mani!

Okay ladies. Before you completely freak out, I have some bad news. That scooter nail you’re looking at? That was painted by freehand. I’m not kidding. Is that not insane? I have yet to find any mass produced scooter nail art but this was such a beautiful and fun manicure, I just had to post it. The nail artist is Sonoma Bento of Sonoma Nail Art in I believe Santa Rosa, California. She created the nail polish especially for Revolution Moto in Santa Rosa and it’s for sale in their scooter shop. So if you’re lucky enough to live in that beautiful part of the world, do go in and get yourself scootered up nail wise. Then send us photos.

Embellish your story.

I almost hate to post these because they’re obnoxiously expensive for a magnet set – $18.94! But if you have to have a green scooter magnet or you’re really into scrapbooking, this might be just what you’re looking for to complete your craft project.

Embellish Your Story Scooter & Accessories Magnet Set