Not quite a pint but always half full.

Cost Plus World Market came out with the wallet-friendly fenderlight Christmas ornaments but they also carry a lot of other scooter merchandise like these glasses. You can buy a set online or visit their stores to buy just one to hold your toothbrushes. The set of four is $15.96. Other designs feature the London skyline and a red telephone box as well as Paris and a little Fiat. Made in Italy.

Thanks to Michelle and Julie G. for this find!

2 thoughts on “Not quite a pint but always half full.

  1. Not meaning to be nit-picky, but the car on the Paris glass is actually a French Renault 2CV rather than an Italian Fiat so it follows the theme of the glasses Italy= Vespa, France= 2CV, England = phone box (although I think it would have been cooler to have an MG or Triumph motorcycle on the London glass instead)

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