This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: Even More Lambretta Girl Clocks

Aboot* a month ago we posted about a mystery clock that Cassie owns:

Rare Bit O’ Swag Post

Glen B. in Ontario, Canada recognized his clock right off and was able to provide some more info on it. Cassie’s may be a Chinese knockoff of the Canadian company Mirage’s version which actually says “Made in Canada.” Anyhoo, the company also made some small stationery products with Series II Lambrettas on them. Glen says the designs are about 10 years old. Alas, the current Mirage site doesn’t show them for sale so this will be a lucky eBay find if you want one.

Thanks to Glen for the photos and info!

* Canadian pronunciation of “about.” And no, we Americans never tire making fun of their pronunciation of this word because we think it’s so cute. ; )