Josh Rodgers' Accident Fund




Scoot! Magazine publisher Josh Rogers (he’s the handsome fella in the middle) was hit by a Lexus swerving into his lane at 55 mph on Sunday, March 2 during the Vespa Club Los Gatos’ (San Jose, CA) monthly ride. He was airlifted to the hospital with a broken femur among other injuries and his TGB Laser was totalled. (Doesn’t look like the car fared too well either – No Nosh on Josh!) He’s doing well, all things considered, but we’re very sorry to see him down and wish him a speedy recovery. Here’s more info at

As no insurance covers everything, and airlifts are astronomical, a fund raiser has been set up at Donations can be sent to:

Heal Fast Josh! Still hope to see you at Spring Scoot. Maybe we can build you a rickshaw or what are those things the slaves carried kings on? Someone help me out on this word . . .


PS: This is also a good time to mention that Josh had on a full faced helmet, an armored jacket, armored gloves and what look like armored knee pad pants. He would have been injured far worse if he hadn’t had all of this protective gear on. So even as it gets warmer and it’s incredibly tempting to feel the breeze on your skin, DON’T DO IT!