Casting a spell with a wave of your hand.

Here’s a wonderful treasure trove of scooter charms and jewelry.
The links are in order of top to bottom in the links below.
Here’s call out to my friend Lin in Brighton, proprietess of Soul
(Hi Lin! It’s Tracy from Portland!)

Silver Scooter Ring

Scooter Charms Galore from

Green Scooter Pendant

Opening Scooter Charm

(Thanks to Julie G. for all these great finds.)

2 thoughts on “Casting a spell with a wave of your hand.

  1. Oh the cruelty to show this Canadian west-coaster those beautiful scooter rings only available in the UK! The cruelty!!

  2. All of these are available to anyone . . . as long as your willing to pay for shipping. And be willing to pay more since both our dollars are so weak against the pound. : )

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