Scooter Bling – it's not what you think!


No, we don’t want to show you a rhinestone kit for your scooter. Instead a jewelry artist in New Hampshire by the name of Judy Callen is making some fine jewelry with sterling silver scooter charms. The example above is $40 and includes shipping. She can use different colors, adjust the length, etc. On her site her other pieces have fresh water pearls, pyrite, moukite and chalecdony among other semi precious stones. You can contact her about ordering the necklace at The necklace isn’t pictured on her site as of yet but it will give you some idea of the materials she uses:

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  1. I have been a customer of Judy’s for several years. What separates her from the rest of the jewelry suppliers is, well, a number of things including modifying a piece for the owner as well as the commissioned, one of a kind sets she will produce with a smile. Did I mention her ongoing support of the NH Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Support?

    When visiting the Designs On The Rocks booth at the 2007 Made In NH show, I spied a scooter necklace! Being an avid scooterist and knowing several other riders who would jump at the chance to own one, I encouraged Judy to pursue this line. The result is a casual, everyday piece that can be worn alone or in combination.

    Each necklace, like all of Judy’s work, is carefully thought out beforehand in regards to color combining; stone, bead and mineral selection to the type of clasp she will use. The intent to produce a beautiful AND affordable wearable work of art. (I know, I have several!)

    So if you are looking for a quality gift specifically designed for the scooterist, or considering hosting a party for Judy’s everyday or evening wear, don’t hesitate to contact Judy. (And let me know so I can attend too!)