Frank Popp's Breakaway


The Frank Popp Ensemble is a bit hard to describe. So I’ll let their press kit do the talking:

“The sound of The Frank Popp Ensemble is special. It is a combination of modern
music production and pop-appeal with music styles from the time between 1960-
1972, like Northern Soul, R&B, Garage, Beat and Soundtracks. The passion for
exactly this kind of sound has followed Mr. Popp for more than half his life. Since
many years he moves around almost every weekend through the clubs of the world
and plays his rare vinyl records. During the week he dedicates himself to studiowork
for the Frank Popp Ensemble, which takes place mostly in small circles. During his
performances however…it is a grand show. In concerts the live-band of the Frank
Popp Ensemble puts the predominantly computer-generated recordings into live

Anyhoo, they’re a German group and a lot of fun. I waded through a sea of sweaty, drunk scooterists to see them play live at the 2006 Isle of Wight rally.
And if you are made of money, you can pick up this particular collector’s edition of this CD on eBay, if you can even find it. (But why not buy the iTunes single and get the artwork for your iPod for just 99¢?)

THE song to download off their album “Ride on” is “Breakaway”

Here’s a trivia question: Frank Popp’s “Breakaway” is a remake of which Northern Soul Classic? (Hint: Tracy doesn’t know and would like to know!)

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