Ciao Bella Pinot Grigio Wine

CiaoBella_PinotGrigio.jpgCiao Bella Bottle Photo
Not only do you get a pretty bottle but you also get a pretty damn fine wine. This Pinot Grigio has been spotted in several top wine reviews. Of course you would probably still buy it if it tasted like Thunderbird, but this is very, very drinkable stuff. You can buy it at most Wild Oats or they will special order it for you if they’re out. Want to read more?
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0 thoughts on “Ciao Bella Pinot Grigio Wine

  1. I had glass of this wine last night at a local spa and it was great. They got it at Super Target (in Louisiana) as well.

  2. Do you carry posters or postcards of the ciao bella logo on your wine? If yes, what website can I go onto to purchase?