Introducing "Swag From Around The World!"

We’re going to try a new feature here at ScooterSwag that will charm some and irritate others. “Charm” because they can see bits of swag that they would normally not get to see. “Irritate” because unless they’re international jet-setters they won’t be able to buy it. But a little international joie de vivre never hurt anyone . . . especially Americans who make up the majority of this list.

I received an e-mail from Nadia who lives in the South of France in Menton. She rides a red Vespa. I decided to look up Menton to see what it looked like. Turns out it’s on the French Riviera:


I know, right? I can almost feel the warm breeze on my skin as I ride my scooter near the shore
. . . sigh.

But on to the Swag. She wanted to share this notebook cover she recently found:


Thanks Nadia! I will be thinking of you riding your red scooter as the rains have already come to Portland and we will be socked in for the next four to five months.

If you’d like to share some Swag of your own, please e-mail us a and we’ll post them. Also tell us a little about where you live. I’m especially anxious to hear from some Brits as I know for a fact they have a motherload of swag across the pond.


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