Mod Hello Kitty & Scooter Lighter

Hello Kitty Lighter

I loathe smoking. Smoking kills. But maybe this lighter can be used for lighting dinner candles or fireworks. Here’s the description from Wacky Willy’s:

Uber Rare: Mod Scooter Hello Kitty Lighter!

The image is ´holo-imprinted´ which makes it look like it´s in the lighter.
Tilt the lighter to see different depths of the image.
Lighter comes in 2 editions:
Collectors edition with Superb Engraving, lifetime warranty, and display case.
Premium edition with 1 year warranty.

The Engraving on the collectors edition is significantly better, because the finish on the collectors edition is more smooth and higher quality.

Collector’s Edition = $29.99
Premium Edition = $14.95

Thanks for the tip Ha!

0 thoughts on “Mod Hello Kitty & Scooter Lighter

  1. Hi – I loooove this lighter! So, I was wondering how to go about ordering one? It doesn’t really talk about that on this site, so maybe someone could get back to me and let me know…? That would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!

  2. Click on the link at the bottom of the Scooter Swag post about this item. That takes you to the online order form at Wacky Willy’s.