"No hay Swag de Moto en Mexico D.F."


A Postcard from Mexico – X,O, Cassie and Tracy

We were in Mexico City for ten days and although we combed that enormous tchotchke-filled city, we did not find any a single scooter swag item to post about. Except this weird little baby shower toy which isn’t really isn’t much of a scooter. Sigh. We tried, people. Really, we tried. Oh and there were lots of modern scooters on the streets but not a single Vespa new or old. So strange. Still had an excellent time though!

0 thoughts on “"No hay Swag de Moto en Mexico D.F."

  1. Hopefully, this is as close as either one of us will get to baby shower favors. 😉

    I searched high & low for more swag in the chilango market area (as a gringa, I probably shouldn’t have really been down there) on Sunday afternoon… still nada!