So how do I look?

Wondering how people are taking to the new look for ScooterSwag? Love it? Hate it? Meh?

Well I should at least give you a tour. For example there’s an easier to find “Search” field at the top right just above the main photo. There you can look to see everything we’ve ever posted about Snoopy on a scooter (4 items as it turns out.) And you can check to see if I’ve ever posted about a certain item.

Then there are now two “Contact Us” fields where you can send your comments and your finds. The first is in the black menu bar. The second is at the top of the sidebar. Of course you can always e-mail me at tips AT

Also comments are a little easier to spot with a cartoon bubble to the right of each post’s title.

Finally there are social media buttons under each post for easier sharing.

So Cheers and Swag on!


PS: I will be creating a new Facebook page soon.

2 thoughts on “So how do I look?

  1. Hi babe!
    Luv the new look! It’s pretty FAB! Easy to navigate and fun.
    i just want to know who you are on the floor playing scooters with 😉


  2. Thanks C! That photo was taken with a wide-angle lens by photographer Ian Mullen in 2008 when we needed photos for an article in the much missed Scoot! Magazine. And that’s fellow Scooterswagger Cassie playing with me.

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