Coolest toys evar

CombatModSquad.JPG Thanks to Belladonna Jessica for the tip! Unfortunately, these Combat Mod Squad toys were a super-limited run of 100 and most were sold at Comic Con. 🙁
Tracy found one posted on eBay, though! This would be a good xmas present for me. 

PS: Tracy here.
I am as infatuated with these critters as Cassie and have to include some more detail and photos I just came across:

“Patrick Ma (OtterX) has taken the lid off his newest addition to his I.W.G. line — the Combat Mod Squad dropping this summer from Rocketworld. The Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo has now procured vintage scooters making its warriors mobile, increasingly deadly, and hip. The Combat Mod Squad will debut with two SDCC exclusives — Septimius 2.0 and Taharka 2.0, both in stealth black with the new scooter accessories. Both exclusives are limited to a limited run of 100 pieces each which should enhance collectability. Judging by the comparison pic along side an iPod Nano — these are a good size at say 5″ tall or so. Combat Mod Squad continues to deliver I.W.G. goodness by extending the line’s humorous and edgy vibe with its blend of lovable characters and highly detailed accessories.”