Coolest wedding gift evar


Musical scooter snow globe, personalizable with your own text. Only $29.99 from

(See Tracy’s comments about ordering the globe by clicking “comments” link above.)

0 thoughts on “Coolest wedding gift evar

  1. If I were getting married (hysterical laughter here) I would buy this and then smash the couple out of the globe and turn them into a cake topper. Because the groom is wearing a mod suit for godsake! Too cute.

  2. Well, I couldn’t resist. Found a sales code for Things Remembered and bought one. Thought I would give this as a wedding present eventually. I personally hate the dumb text all over the base. It’s the only thing that mars this beautiful piece. Especially if you don’t happen to be getting married in 2008. So I tried dissolving it off with nail polish remover. This has worked in the past. But this time the silver paint underneath it also came off as did my one-day old manicure, even while wearing rubber gloves. Grrrrr. Then got so frustrated I smashed the globe to at least save the couple. They are even smaller than I would have thought of course because they’re in a glass globe. But they are cute and shiny and detailed and their slightly rounded base with flat bottom will sit great on a cake. They’re plastic (good) and only about 3″ tall (bad) so they would be dwarfed on a huge cake. Still good for a medium or small cake. You could I guess put the whole globe on your cake, base and all if a talented cake designer would build you a stand within a cake for it. It weighs at least 4 lbs. and is more than 8″ tall so that would be the only way to do it! The globe comes with two self-adhesive metal tags to put on the globe – two to be engraved in case one is messed up. Easier to just have Things Remembered engrave it of course. Also it comes in a very nice box that just needs a bow. So as this is the only scooter wedding couple I have ever seen that wasn’t handmade by someone’s talented friend, I still say it’s worth it. Even though it hurts to smash the globe. The music box plays “I say a little prayer” while the couple spins inside. I kept the music box too for some future craft project. If it weren’t for that dumb text, I’d buy three of these and put away for future presents. Sigh. Chances are if this is a good seller, Things Remembered will release a 2009 and so on edition. I guess if I ever do get married (again with the hysterical laughter) I have a cake topper. ; )

  3. Oh, two more important details. The couple is riding what looks like a Vespa from the side but more like a Fuji Rabbit from the front! It’s not really noticeable that it’s a Fuji but it does look more Rabbity than Vespy. Also, if you hate the “Mr and Mrs.” sign the bride is holding you would always add your own on top. Not sure why she isn’t holding a “Just Married” sign which would be more universal. I think it would be adorable to add some miniature tin cans on strings to the back of the scooter.