Scooter Ornament Week Continues!
First some corrections …

Forgot to add the URL in my original post about these gorgeous embroidered ornaments. They’re from Crate & Barrel and they’re on sale now for $9.52 for the pair. (Give the bicycle one to one of your friends ; ) But please hurry because the site says they have “limited quantities.”


Thanks to Denise C. for catching that I had the wrong price on these lovely Lambrettas. They’re only $20.99 USD each.


And last but not least, there IS a difference between these two Fenderlights. The Krebs one (shown at the top) is available in the US and the UK and is painted way better than the ones at Cost Plus. By the way, if you haven’t been to your local Cost Plus to pick up your own, do it now. I had to negotiate with a good friend to get the last unbroken aqua colored one to complete my collection. I was ruthless. (Thanks Tina!) The Krebs one only comes in blue and is priced around $10 USD.

US source for Krebs Scooter

UK source for Krebs Scooter

Cost Plus World Market Store Locator