Your very own Scooter Geisha


This lovely little lady is called Tome Kei on her “Skit Scooter”. I tried in vain to find out more about this character. I thought maybe she was from anime but I came up short. (E-Mail us at if you know more – or add a comment.) She’s a pre-order limited edition toy from Japan and won’t be available to ship until July 31, 2009. And like all good geishas she’s pricey: $139.99!

Addition: Scooter Stu has identified her scooter as a take on the Maico Mobil (or at least one who’s been on a diet!):

Maico-Mobile 1957 M200.jpg

0 thoughts on “Your very own Scooter Geisha

  1. You are correct sir! I thought it was a made-up scooter. After all, who would make such a crazy, wonderful looking thing?