Something for all those rally photos?



Most of my rally photos aren’t really scrapbook material, but a few are ones I can show to Mom. I think if the scrapbooking thing had taken off when I was younger, I’d be way into it. And then again, maybe I’ll get into as I get older. I do wonder what happens to all of our digital photos. We’re not really doing such a great job of saving them I’ll bet. What will we look at when we’re old?
For those of you well organized enough for scrapbooking, here’s a new scooter embellishment from those lovely people at Paperchase (in the UK, of course). It’s a girly montage with more than just the scooter. You can also get scooter alphabet letters (see black circles in the first photo), etc. And if you’re not into scrapbooking they would make great greeting card or birthday present embellishments too.
Karen J. from Maryland clued me onto this one – thanks Karen! She got her set in her local Borders book store. Which is good as I can’t seem to find these anywhere online. I have been really surprised by the lack of scooter stickers, scrapbook embellishments, etc. in general so this is a great find..