A Rare Bit O’Swag:
Donut Delivery Vespa Ape Ornament

This Patisserie scooter Christmas ornament was on Sur La Table’s site but alas is now unavailable. But who knows? Maybe they will bring it back another year. And it’s always worth a looksie on eBay.

Thanks to April Whitney and Scoot! Club for this find:


Shiny scooters help you stay organized for the tax season?

We’ve featured several gift items from the Japanese design firm Midori (highly detailed scooter magnets and mini clips) but I think these paper clips are my favorites by far. They’re $7.85 for a pack of 30. And there are a lot of other designs including (sigh!) bunnies.

Thanks to Scoot! Magazine for the find. These were in April Whitney’s “Collector’s Corner” feature in the December 2010 issue.

Midori Scooter Clips