Felicitations. (And apologies.)

Espe Wallet Felicity Cat Vespa Scooter

Espe — a Canadian accessories maker — has long been a maker of scooter friendly stuff. The leather purse with the dog and the scooter on it that just about everyone had about 5 years ago? Made by Espe. They recently did a similar design but this time with a cat. The design is called “Felicity” and alas by the time I got this post up (it’s only been a month since I got the tip — I swear!) the Espe site no longer features the Tote Bag, Wallet, Coin Purse or Card Holder it once did. Boo!

I did find some links for the wallet on Amazon. It’s $30 and holds bills, coins, IDs and cards with 14 card slots, 4 bill slots and 1 coin zippered compartment. The other accessories can be found by intrepid searchers of the Google and the eBay.

Thanks so much to Heather M. for this find! Sorry I wasn’t faster on the uptake.

Black Felicity Wallet

Green Felicity Wallet

Orance Felicity Wallet

Too cool for school?

Here are 2 coolers that would be great for the office or school.
(I can already see a lot of parents buying these for their kids and then stealing them back.)
The red cooler is $29.95 and the blue cooler is $27.95.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

SoYoung Insulated Kids Lunch Box – Red Scooter

SoYoung Small Insulated Cooler Lunch Bag – Turquoise Scooter

And Doxies have their day.

Imagine my surprise when I realized I had two different Daschsund scooter swags to post. First up is this beautiful necklace, handmade in Ireland and crafted in sterling silver. The front is 3-D and the wheels even spin, but it’s flat on the back so it sits well. It measures approximately 1.25″ wide and comes on an 18″ sterling silver snake chain. It’s €99.99 (Euros).

Next up is the stuffed Roxie the Doxie in her own scooter bag. She measures 7 x 3 x 8 inches and costs $12.99.

Doxie Necklace

Doxie Bag

Girls can tell.

From the ultra hip online shop “Girls Can Tell,” Philadelphia artist Sara Selepouchin draws careful but charming diagrams of some of the more fetishized technology like cameras, airplanes and of course two-stroke scooters. Then she carefully screen prints them on a variety of objects. Her scooter design is available on bags, coasters, and even printed on a vintage book page as frameable art.

Thanks to Cassie for these great finds.

NEWS FLASH – Sara got in touch with us and her oven mitt ($14) is no longer out of stock! And it’s available in black and red. See the revised link below: