Jonathan Adler loves scooters.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Jonathan Adler for his pervasive love of all things retro and kitsch. But he hadn’t produced a single bit of scootery until just recently. Get ready to empty your wallets folks, because his style ain’t cheap. The Positano needlepoint pillow is $98, the Jet Set Duchess totes are $178 and the Vespa Jute Pouch is $38. Sigh. I need a sugar daddy.

Type in “Vespa” in the Search Box at

New Miso Pretty

Miso Pretty
Blue Q’s “Miso Pretty” has added some new things to their line. There’s a Rice Scrub that features a female scooter rider in a storm with a sidecar full of rice. There’s a mirror with this image and some new bags with the original girl scooterist transporting bamboo. These are best found doing a web search on Froogle. Or by keeping your eyes open at local stores..