Fast asleep.

Lullaby Linen Vespa Scooter Kids Bedding Comforter Blanket Sheets

We featured this scooter fabric last year and now someone has thankfully gone to the trouble of making it into adorable bedding. But (sigh) it’s not cheap. Prices range from $70.40 (USD) for a cushion to $330 for a Double Quilt Cover or Duvet. And those are sale prices apparently. To see all the sizes available visit this Australian site .

Thanks to Cassie M. for this find!

A Hope Chest?

We’ve already featured Ikea’s Eivor Leva pattern in the bedding set but you can also buy the same fabric but with a black ground. (Which I think I like better.) I spotted this idea for covering a chest of drawers in the fabric in the latest Ikea catalog. That seems like a ton of frustrating work to me but then I may not be crafty enough.

Upwardly mobile.

Finn & Emma is organically grown clothing & bedding shop for kids that seems to have just a little bit of a scooter fixation. (Yes, that little baby is playing with wooden scooters on his mobile!) They have rompers, coveralls, footies featuring their scooter as well as bedding and some toys. There doesn’t seem to be one online shop that has all of their goods but if you visit their retailers’ site you can get an idea of what’s available. One of my favorite shopping tricks is to search for the item in Google Images. Just type “Finn Emma Scooter” and see what you find.

Hello Kitty is not Japanese.

She’s English! Born in London in 1974 according to Sanrio. Hence the often seen scooter. (Not to mention mod fashion sense.) So here’s some more Hello Kitty Scooter goodness available over in Europe. A children’s bedding set for 66,00 Euros. It’s made in Italy by “Gabel.” Shipping to the US may be possible for you hard core HK fanatics?

Hello Kitty Bedding Set