Blue Mod Scooter Riding Cat. Enough said.

I include this for my predilection for all things feline and scooter. The only unfortunate thing about this hardcover children’s book seems to be that it is only available in the UK. So if you’re stateside and willing to pay some hefty shipping (or search on eBay) it can be yours. Still, it’s only £7.29. Here’s a description:

“Max is a sharp dresser who plays piano. He’s a very cool cat indeed. But one day while he’s writing a tune, he loses a note. So he rides his scooter downtown to see if anyone’s seen his note, calling in on singing group The Felines, Long Tall Dexter at his music store, Double Bass Sam, and lots more feline musicians. So it’s music, music all the way – but will Max ever find his lost note?”

Max and the Lost Note at