More scooter fabrics than you can shake
a measuring tape at.

Cats riding scooters! Dogs riding scooters! Argyle scooters! In fact, scooters in every imaginable color combination! Make your way to Spoonflower for every quilting scooterista’s dream come true. It’s redonkulous.

Thanks to Dixie K. and Miki J. for this embarassment of wealth!

News Break: Susie Bright loves scooters!

I always cherish it when two or more of my favorite things mash-up together. A prime example of this would be when Susie Bright, scooters and cats all came together in a beautiful collision. Susie Bright, for those who don’t know, is a sex educator and columnist. And she’s my all time favorite. (Dan Savage – you’re a close number 2.) She’s currently on a book tour for her memoir entitled “Big Sex, Little Death”

Anyhoo she came to Portland, Oregon and after corresponding with her for several years via e-mail, I got to sit down with her at a brunch at Bitch Magazine and chat a bit. She asked if I would get her coat from inside and that’s when I noticed that the cuffs and collar featured cats riding scooters. I squealed quite loudly and the photo above is the result.

Thanks Susie for sending it! The fabric is hard to find now, but diligent readers will be able to get a hold of a yard or two here and there. Good luck!