Nah, just another sheep on a scooter.

He’s a very generous sheep on a scooter though! In this picture only kids book our sheep shaves off his own wool, dyes it and then has it made into a sweater for a friend. Drawn by illustrator Sylvia Van Ommen. An extreme cuteness factor of 10.

Thanks to Cassie M. for this find!

“The Surprise” at

Of course not all sheep are so willing to give up their wool. For your viewing pleasure I give you the story of Shrek the Sheep:

Shrek on the BBC

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: "Enrico’s Vespa"

You can find a couple copies of this book on and it’s available from the publisher who also created the bible of ScooterSwag — Vespa Forever. Of course you’ll have to figure out how to get them to return your e-mails. I have tried ordering both books with no luck after repeated efforts. Hence the “rare bit” categorization. : (

Here’s a description:

“If Piaggio (the Vespa manufacturer) had published a children’s book back in the 50s, it would probably have looked like “Enrico’s Vespa”. Why? Because the prize-winning designer Elena Pongiglione has illustrated this book. She designed most of the official Vespa artwork for Piaggio in the 50s and 60s. Today, deep into the Internet Age and 50 years after the great era of commercial art at Piaggio, this children’s book recaptures the spirit of the legendary Italian scooters. On his father’s Vespa, Enrico sets out on a fantastic tour through Europe. He is joined by his sister Elena, the teddy bear Yo Yo, the cat Minou and the dog Wow Wow. “Enrico’s Vespa” is an exciting book for children and a collector’s piece for all parents.”

This book also includes a board game and a cut-out sheet.

Enrico’s Vespa at


Apparently both “Vespa Forever” and “Enrico’s Vespa” are available at

Blue Mod Scooter Riding Cat. Enough said.

I include this for my predilection for all things feline and scooter. The only unfortunate thing about this hardcover children’s book seems to be that it is only available in the UK. So if you’re stateside and willing to pay some hefty shipping (or search on eBay) it can be yours. Still, it’s only £7.29. Here’s a description:

“Max is a sharp dresser who plays piano. He’s a very cool cat indeed. But one day while he’s writing a tune, he loses a note. So he rides his scooter downtown to see if anyone’s seen his note, calling in on singing group The Felines, Long Tall Dexter at his music store, Double Bass Sam, and lots more feline musicians. So it’s music, music all the way – but will Max ever find his lost note?”

Max and the Lost Note at

My Secret Scooter Book


Thought this book had a cute cover. Unfortunately my local library doesn’t have it so I can’t give you a full book report and Amazon doesn’t say a whole lot more than this:
“Whoosh! Every day, the red blur goes whizzing by. Jackson needs to catch that scooter, even if he has to chase it all over town.”
Which is why I guess it’s a “Secret” Scooter Book:

Secret Scooter at