Christmas in July:
Scooter Kitty Ornament

How about an Indonesian scooter cat for your tree? It’s made of hand-painted Albesia wood. It measures 3.5″ L X 3.5″ H and is only $10. And by the way, there’s another scooter ornament on this site that we posted about last year.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

Merry Christmas Scooter Swaggers!

Thought you’d enjoy seeing my Christmas decorations this year. I haven’t put up a tree for several years and was determined to this year. And for the first time I actually did a “scooter only” tree. I was shocked to discover that I have twenty-eight (28!) scooter Christmas ornaments. They include mostly Santas but also a mouse, a snowman, as well as some angels I made from a chocolate mold with Plaster of Paris. Clearly I have an illness.

Merry Christmas everyone!