This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: Precious Moments-esque Coffee Mug

Found this on an online auction and just had to have it. I have an extreme aversion to all of the bug-eyed children art of the late 60s and seventies but this has A SCOOTER ON IT. No markings on this except “USA” imprinted on the bottom so we have only ourselves to blame folks. I do have to say I think this must have been for a kid because only a shot and a half of espresso fits in this thing. Or were coffee cups just smaller back then? Does anyone remember?

Spirited Scooter Girl

Awhile back we posted about this neat greeting card:

Old Scooter Swag Post

Then over Christmas, Swagerista Rickie S. presented me with the same design on a coffee mug that came in its own gift box! (Thanks Rickie!)

It turns out that “Curly Girl Designs” has really expanded their line and now you can get this design on magnets, notepads, post-its, candles, water bottles, laptop skins, portable mini shopping bags and art prints.

To search for this design look for “The World Is Full of People” in the shop section of their site: