Scrapbooking Scooter

I am really not knowledgeable about scrapbooking so feel free to comment on this gadget. The Cricut system (pronounced “Cricket”) has a cartridge with a scooter in it that you could use endlessly. It’s $29.99 for the cartridge. But I am sure the Cricut machine itself is much more. Might be worth it if you are one of those scrapbooking scooteristas.

To learn more about the Cricut (pronounced “Cricket”) system, watch this YouTube video.

Crafting for the UK set.

“ClippyKits” seem to be a UK phenom and if we’re lucky, they will find their way over here. From what I can tell, it’s a way of encasing photos in clear plastic so they can be sewn on bags and pencil cases, etc. And you can customize to your hearts content with these little extras like the scooter set shown here. They remind me a lot of the scrapbooking extras you can get here.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

I'm always blowing bubbles . . .

PixOs are an unusual toy to say the least. You arrange the beads various designs on a plastic tray. You can use templates or create your own design. When the beads are sprayed with water, they become sticky and fuse together. Then you just let them dry. Awhile back PixOs had a multi-national recall after it was found that the Chinese factory had used a cheaper chemical that acted as a sedative if kids ate the beads! I say a kids toy that actually calms them down sounds like a brilliant idea but I digress . . .

This particular PixOs set was spotted at Walgreens. Right after I grumbled internally that they never have any scooter toys at Walgreens ; ) It’s $9.99. Sorry to say I couldn’t find an online source for this exact set so keep your eyes open . . .

Tracy’s Craft Challenge to Swagsters: Make a Scooter Yard Spinner!

Living in Portland, I drive by a place called Elmer’s Flags all the time. It’s pretty epic and when the weather finally turned warm here (just last week as a matter of fact), they put out tons of distracting yard spinners. I made a mental note to check the interwebby thing for some scooter yard spinners. Alas, there doesn’t seem to be such a thing. I think one of you more talented folks out there should make one, then send us photos at Com’on, make me happy!