Swag From Around The World:
Chinese Scooters, Swag and Sayings

Scooters China Cup Souvenirs

Jeff Bass and his company Scooterpatch.com is ScooterSwag’s sponsor. Recently he went to China and took some photos of unusual scooters and swag. The scooters were primarily in Beijing and the swag were spotted in Dongguan and Guangzhou both in Guangdong Province.

I like the ernest sayings a lot. And I wonder if Marlboro pays the scooterist some advertising dollars?

Thanks Jeff for sharing!

Not Canadian? That’s unfortunate.

Scooter Vespa Cup Gift Sets Paris NYC London Benix Canada

Only those lucky Canadians with Bendix stores nearby can shop for these ceramic cup gift sets. Each has a world city theme with Rome, London, Paris and New York featured. There are also tea bag holders in this collection. To see everything, type “Divas” into the search window.

Thanks to Vanessa for this find!


New Starbucks Italian Roast Mug

Yay! More scooter swag from Starbucks. This very attractive mug is now available in some stores and online for $8.95. By the way, the photo pictures above is much truer to the actual colors of the mug than the photo online. I know because I bought a mug the same day Julie sent me this photo. ; )

Thanks to Julie G. for the photo and this find!