Ice scream.

Waitrose Tiramisu Italian Style Ice Cream Vespa Scooter Fenderlight

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Waitrose UK grocery then you can get your Tiramisu on:

“Vanilla, coffee and marsala flavoured ice cream with a rippled coffee sauce and dark chocolate curls. Made with British milk and cream.”

Here’s a link .

Thanks to Alice D. for this find!

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Chris Gilmour’s Vespa Taxi!

Chris Gilmour is a UK artist based in Udine, Italy and who makes highly detailed 1:1 scale paper sculptures. We’ve featured his other scooter-related work before. But this Vespa Taxi was somehow missed. You can visit his site below to see his other works and read read a write-up from those super cool people at SIP:

SIP Scootershop

“The Box Man” by Imiri Sakabashira

From Amazon:

“Enter the strange world of Imiri Sakabashira whose denizens are zoomorphic creatures that emerge from one another as well as their equally bizarre environs. The Box Man follows its protagonists along a scooter trip through a complex landscape that oscillates between a dense city, a countryside simplified to near abstraction, and hybrids of the two; the theme of hybridity permeates throughout. One is unsurprised to encounter a creature that is half elderly man, half crab or a flying frog in this world where our guide apparent is an anthropomorphic, mollusk-like cat. Sakabashira weaves this absurdist tale in a seamless tapestry constructed of elements as seemingly disparate as Japanese folklore, pop culture, and surrealism. Within these panels, it becomes difficult to distinguish between the animate and the inanimate, the real and the imagined, a tension that adds a layer of complexity to this near-wordless psychedelic travelogue.”

The mystery for me is whether the protagonist’s scooter changes back and forth from a Vespa Fenderlight into a Fuji Rabbit? Alas my local library does not carry this tome so it will have to remain a mystery. What beautiful art work though.

The Box Man

Still cold where you are?
Crochet yourself a scooter!

If you’re in intermediate crocheter or can understand basic crochet instructions, you can make your very own soft cuddly fenderlight Vespa scooter. It measures approximately 8″ long and it’s just $5.99 to download the instructions. Please send ScooterSwag a photo if you make one!

Thanks to Julie G. for this find.

Scooter Crochet Pattern on

To counteract Thanksgiving boredom?
A new/old paper scooter model

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Yes, that goes doubly for those of you outside of the States.)

I am about to go in and tackle some asparagus but before I do, I thought I’d post this neat little craft for you in case you have some time on your hands. Besides, unlike some of the other paper models I’ve posted, this one is dead easy! I think you could almost turn it into a greeting card.

For the full-sized version to print out, please visit this link.

Thanks to Dave ThCap’n for this find!