Gnome place like gnome for the holidays.

Sorry for the bad pun but it couldn’t be contained. We featured Gnome Masters work here this past summer and now he has released a Santa gnome for the holiday season. The price is $40 for an outdoors painted gnome and $45 for an indoors version. He measures 11″ tall and weighs in at 13 lbs and his scooter is painted a metallic glitter red with gold trim.

Christmas in July!

Who doesn’t want a Scooter Santa tie? (Pshaw. I don’t believe you.) The top tie is one of three different designs at the site. Type in “Scooter Santa Tie” in their search to see everything. Buyer beware: Zazzle is a crafters site like Etsy so quality is all over the board. And the other tie? It occasionally shows up on eBay so it is a bit more of the “rare ol’ swag.”

The bottom tie is made by “Noel” and is named “Santa Moped.”

Thanks to Julie G. for these finds!

White Tie

Greetings from London

Hello Lucky! is a great stationery designer. We’ve featured several of their cards and wrapping paper over the years. Now they have a London-centric theme with lots of lovely little letterpressed scooters. There are greeting cards, holiday cards and announcements all done in several color schemes. I just wish I was moving to London right now so I would have a reason to order some!

Start saving now for Santa.

This Santa is very pricey at $56 (on sale! regular price $70.00!!!) but if you have to have a Lambretta-ish Santa ornament, you have to have a Lambretta-ish Santa ornament. We won’t judge you here at ScooterSwag.

Thanks to Cassie for this find!

ALERT It looks like this is gone from the Cozy Pineapple site. The direct link I put in the link above no longer goes to any specific page. Darn … so if anyone finds it on another site, please let us know!

Merry Christmas Scooter Swaggers!

Thought you’d enjoy seeing my Christmas decorations this year. I haven’t put up a tree for several years and was determined to this year. And for the first time I actually did a “scooter only” tree. I was shocked to discover that I have twenty-eight (28!) scooter Christmas ornaments. They include mostly Santas but also a mouse, a snowman, as well as some angels I made from a chocolate mold with Plaster of Paris. Clearly I have an illness.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Scooters and snow finally make peace?

I’ve known a few brave folks who’ve ridden scooters in the snow. (People from Germany typically – see photo below from SIP Scooters – they’re kooky!)

But . . . if you want to play it completely safe, you can take an imaginary ride around in your Department 56 Snow Village.

This little set of scooters measure approximately 3″ X 1″ X 1.75″ and are $20. The Walter Dorwin Teague-ish garage I show them in front off is a retired piece but probably can be had with some searching on eBay.

Thanks to Julie G. for this great find!

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: Kurt Adler Santa Figurine


Break the news to your kids. Don’t leave Santa cookies. He’d rather have fresh basil. That’s because Santa is actually a scooter riding Eye-tal-Ian and a chef! This is a rare Kurt S. Adler (KSA) fabriche figurine that occasionally pops up on eBay. He’s approximately 11″ tall and 11″ long.