A Hope Chest?

We’ve already featured Ikea’s Eivor Leva pattern in the bedding set but you can also buy the same fabric but with a black ground. (Which I think I like better.) I spotted this idea for covering a chest of drawers in the fabric in the latest Ikea catalog. That seems like a ton of frustrating work to me but then I may not be crafty enough.


Counting lamb(rettas), not sheep?

From Ikea’s bedding line, this duvet cover and pillow slips are called “Eivor Leava”. The sizes are twin, king, full/queen and the set is $49.99. According to Ikea’s site, the inspiration for this comforter came from “Sweden’s rich tradition of using textiles as a means of storytelling.” By the way, “Leva” means “to live” in Swedish.

Thanks to Aleks H. for the photo and the find!


That “car” bed you had when you were a kid.
Only cooler.

“Mykea” is a site for people who want to customize their ubiquitous Ikea furniture. The site has all kinds of transfers and iron-ons. This design is called “Ciao Bella!” and is for the “Malm” Ikea bed series. The price costs 27 – 55 Euros depending on which size you choose.

PS: Somehow I managed to forget who sent in this tip. (Thanks you whoever you are!)