has its first sponsor!

Why lookie there! Up top. Where the horrible Google AdSense ads used to be. Now we have something pertinent to our audience. Not — for example — an ad for mobility scooters. (Although we will need those eventually ; ) is in fact’s very first sponsor. And I would love it if you would visit their site and take a look around. They have made fantastic rally patches for quite a few of the rallies I’ve been to as a Pacific Northwestern-er. And now they’re expanding their wares to include flags (pennants), keychains and other lovely swag. And as a reader of ScooterSwag you get 10% off your first order. So order up some more club patches and start designing your rally patches now while it’s crappy riding weather. Because rally season is just around the corner.

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Scooter Key Chains and Coin Banks from the Netherlands!

Aleks H. came across the key chains at his local art supply store, Meininger’s in Denver. Alas, unless you want to order a gross of them and pay for shipping from the Netherlands, you may have a tough time finding them. Both the keychains and coin banks are made by the “Silly” company ( and are featured on page 5 of their downloadable catalog. If anyone finds a US online source for these cuties, please let us know! (tips (at)

And thanks to Aleks for this cute find!