A Really, Really Rare Bit O’Swag:
Vespa Motorsport on Toy Hunter

Vespa Motorsport Toy Hunter Mattel Scooter

Watch Toy Hunter clip here.

This was a fun clip to watch even though I am still not sure why anyone would want a “Tytus.” I am also amazed when companies don’t keep archives of their products, past and present. But it’s a lot more common for them to forget their past in an effort just to keep up with the present. I think all companies need a docent/librarian.


For some less rare (but no less desirable) toys, visit Vespa Motorsport’s toy page where they have over five pages of Maisto, New Ray and Legos scale scooter models for great prices.

The elusive Lego scooter found!

Lego Scooters

This is not an authorized Lego accessory but more of a creation of some passionate “brick” modelers. I am not sure where you can find the riders or the headlight either but this link will at least set you on the right path. The scooter is $6 and comes in red, black, white, dark blue, medium blue, dark green, and yellow.

If anyone knows more about scooter Legos, please let us know at tips (at) scooterswag.com!

And thanks to our very own Cassie for this find . . .