A Rare Bit O’Swag:
Fedrigoni Vespa Paper Sculpture

Fedrigoni paper model Vespa Scooter

Happy New Year ScooterSwaggers!

Fedrigoni is an Italian paper manufacturer with over a century of history. To celebrate an exhibition in their London showroom in 2010, graphic artist Laura Quatrill made several models of classic Italian design. These included the Sapper Alessi kettle, the Olivetti typewriter and of course the Piaggio Vespa. The models were made out of Fedrigoni papers and were mailed to customers flat and unconstructed to invite customers to the exhibit.

Thanks to Daniel S. for this find.

To read more about the models and their design click here .

Not Canadian? That’s unfortunate.

Scooter Vespa Cup Gift Sets Paris NYC London Benix Canada

Only those lucky Canadians with Bendix stores nearby can shop for these ceramic cup gift sets. Each has a world city theme with Rome, London, Paris and New York featured. There are also tea bag holders in this collection. To see everything, type “Divas” into the search window.

Thanks to Vanessa for this find!


Roll right on through the holidays.

Herb Lester Associates designs beautiful things like maps of long-gone swinging London, clever little books and this tape. Illustrated by Jim Datz, it’s perfect as packing or wrapping tape for the holidays. But it’s not Christmas-specific so it can be used year-round. (It appears to depict a cowboy visiting London in fact!) It’s 50 mm wide and is £6.50 a roll.


To be released in April?:
Mod Squad Fabrics

Dan Stiles is a very talented designer and illustrator located here in Portland, Oregon. Known for everything from show posters to cool corporate work, he’s lent his hand at designing some fabric featuring our favorite mode of transport. It was to be released early this year but it’s still a bit hard to find on the web. In any case I wanted to give y’all a heads up to mark your calendars and keep a keen lookout.

Thanks to Becky M. for this find!

Read more about Dan Stiles and his inspirations for “Mod Squad”

Pre-order “Fat Quarter Bundles” for Quilting here

Greetings from London

Hello Lucky! is a great stationery designer. We’ve featured several of their cards and wrapping paper over the years. Now they have a London-centric theme with lots of lovely little letterpressed scooters. There are greeting cards, holiday cards and announcements all done in several color schemes. I just wish I was moving to London right now so I would have a reason to order some!