The keys to a scooterist’s heart.

Tin toys and wind-up scooters are not only hard to find, but if they’re vintage they’re also fiercely expensive. But this time you’re in luck because all of these reproduction toys are on sale. The scooter girl (measuring 7″ long) is just $21.98, the circus elephant is $47.98, the delivery scooter is $19.98 and the set of two Vespas is $9.98. The perfect valentines for the hard-to-buy for scooterist!

Thanks to Daniel S. for these great finds.

“25 Scooter Drawings”

Christine Berrie is a Scottish artist and illustrator and has a real knack for detailed drawings fetishizing technology. In this print she captured the vast assortment of vintage Vespas, Lambrettas and other motorized bikes (25 to be exact) she sees on the streets of London.

This print comes in two sizes. 14″ X 11″ at $50 in an limited quantity of 500 and in 20″ X 16″ at $200 in an edition of 50 prints.

Thanks to Tim T. for this great find!

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Rare Tin Scooter Toys

Oh what fun it is to go to the auction sites and torture yourself by looking at the tin scooter toys. Featured here is a Japanese Fuji Rabbit, a Bandai Vespa, A Bandai Silver Pidgeon, and a what the $%&!? from Spain. We’ve featured other rare scooter toys in the past like
this Japanese Fuji Rabbit one .

Thanks to Julie G. for these finds.

Monopoly should have a scooter.

I would gladly trade in a top hat or a thimble for a scooter while I pass “Go.” These models are made of resin with an “antiqued silver metallic finish. The Vespa measures in at 8.5″ x 4″ x 6” and is $14.95. And the roadster measures in at 4” by 7” by 2” and is $9.95.

Thanks to Paul at Sportique Scooters in Denver for this find!