New Starbucks Italian Roast Mug

Yay! More scooter swag from Starbucks. This very attractive mug is now available in some stores and online for $8.95. By the way, the photo pictures above is much truer to the actual colors of the mug than the photo online. I know because I bought a mug the same day Julie sent me this photo. ; )

Thanks to Julie G. for the photo and this find!

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Scootiki Art!

The Lambretta Club of USA held its annual rally, the “Lambretta Jamboree” in my town of Portland, Oregon this past weekend. One of the events was an art show entitled “Mods and Gods” and if you are a fan of Tiki Art and Scooters, it was the place to be. There were even 100 limited edition Tiki Mugs designed by artists Munktiki and Mulder142 in several different colors made just for the occasion and if you hurry, there are still some left. They cost $65 USD a piece (not including shipping). Some of the art that was featured is still available as well. To take a look at everything, please visit the link below. Serious inquiries should e-mail Joe Elroy, the gallery owner at joe (at) He is willing to ship overseas:

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: Precious Moments-esque Coffee Mug

Found this on an online auction and just had to have it. I have an extreme aversion to all of the bug-eyed children art of the late 60s and seventies but this has A SCOOTER ON IT. No markings on this except “USA” imprinted on the bottom so we have only ourselves to blame folks. I do have to say I think this must have been for a kid because only a shot and a half of espresso fits in this thing. Or were coffee cups just smaller back then? Does anyone remember?