iTunes has added quite a few new mod compilations to their offerings and with some albums you get 30 or more songs for $9.99 and some scooter candy for your screen. From clockwise starting at the top left, here are the links for the albums pictured here:

It’s a Mod Mod World at iTunes

She’s a Mod at iTunes

Meet Me at the Scooter Shop at iTunes

Northern Soul/60s Mod at iTunes

Mod-eration at iTunes

Mod, the 60s Collection at iTunes

This Week's Rare Bit O'Swag: Vespa Sex album by Sta-Prest

StaPrest Vespa Sex.jpg

I have this 7″ framed amongst my other record collectibles. It’s a hoot to listen to and someday I will get it transferred into MP3 form for my iPod.

From Wikipedia:

“Sta-Prest first made its appearance on the queercore record label Outpunk Records, on its compilation Outpunk Dance Party. Soon afterwards they released their first EP, Vespa Sex, also on Outpunk, followed later by a 7″ single. Like other bands influenced by the nascent Riot Grrrl scene in Olympia, Washington, New York No Wave, and European post-punk, core members of Sta-Prest – Aloofah (Iraya Robles), Dudley Manlove (Gary Fembot), and Professor Swish (Stanley Lamontague) – adopted pseudonyms, swapped instruments between songs, and practiced a consensus-based approach to song composition. A revolving membership included Tetley, Twi Tybat, Clutch-y-Spun, and Scout. Their avant-pop sound and combination of male and female vocals were unique in the Queercore scene.”

Italian Cafe CD from Putumayo

Italian Cafe

CD found at Wild Oats in Portland Oregon:
“With an intoxicating blend of Italian songs from the 50s and 60s and contemporary music inspired by this bygone era, Italian Café is a charming collection that will appeal to listeners of any generation.”
(And yes, it is really fun to listen to. Particularly calming to listen to while dealing with Vespa electrics.)