Like having a bubble gum machine
full of scooter prizes.

Remember the joy of getting THE prize you wanted out of the vending machine? When I was little my Mom would give me a dime or so to try for the one I wanted on every trip to the drugstore. Can’t remember what I was obsessed with now. A blue cat springs to mind. But I never got it randomly. So one day we’re in the store and she sees the vending repair guy filling the machines and asks him if she can just buy the prizes I wanted. He gave us handfuls for free. I made out like a bandit that day!

Well “Stuff Maya Makes” is almost just like that. All of her charms are good and all of them are under $5. Besides jewelry you use them as cell phone mascots, zipper pulls, you name it. The colored enamel charms are 2-D and the silver and bronze charms are 3-D.

Thanks Jennifer S. and Spyder for this find.


And Doxies have their day.

Imagine my surprise when I realized I had two different Daschsund scooter swags to post. First up is this beautiful necklace, handmade in Ireland and crafted in sterling silver. The front is 3-D and the wheels even spin, but it’s flat on the back so it sits well. It measures approximately 1.25″ wide and comes on an 18″ sterling silver snake chain. It’s €99.99 (Euros).

Next up is the stuffed Roxie the Doxie in her own scooter bag. She measures 7 x 3 x 8 inches and costs $12.99.

Doxie Necklace

Doxie Bag

Happy Shiny Shiny New Year.

And to mark 2011, here’s a shiny bauble. It’s a bead charm and is $30.00. It’s .925 sterling silver and has a threaded interior that fits most European charm bracelets. I like the fact that since it’s a bead, it’s probably a lot harder to lose than a charm dangling off a necklace! Thanks to TJ (a soon-to-be fellow scooterist) for this find in “Delightful Daisy” — his own online store: