Your New Battle Cry: Score and Fold!



If you ever wondered if any of the paper models we’ve posted about are worth your time, above is your answer.

I got this e-mail from Eric who sent the photos:

“While I am not a true scooterphile, (my only scooter experience involves some youthful naughtiness in and on a Vespa sidecar,) I do appreciate a vintage paper model. I found the mid-century German kartonmodelle of the NSU / Lambretta LD125 Mk. 1 on your site, and I thought I’d give it a build.

I noticed you didn’t have a photograph of the completed model, so I’m sending a few along for your use. Maybe after seeing a built-up model, more of your scooterheads might give it try. It’s a tricky build, but with the advent of the web, you can always print more parts.

An unbuilt scooter model is like an unsung song.

Score and Fold,

I was stunned! My first question were about the figures that accompany his scooter. Here’s his response:

“Glad you like the photos. The resin figures are 1/24 scale by the German firm of Schuco. They may be out of production. If the NSU / Lambretta model is enlarged to fill an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of card stock, the completed model seems to scale out about 1/24 as well, so I thought the figures and the model would fit together.

Sad to report the model was destroyed earlier this evening when the weight supporting the backdrop for the photo shoot fell on the little Lambretta. Fortunately, no scale people were hurt in the incident. Oh well, I can always print up another one.”

Thank goodness the photos were taken before the accident!

If you’d like to try your hand at the Lambretta above, check out this old post:
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And cheers to Eric for sharing!