Kukuxumusu! (Gesundheit?!!)

Kukuxumusu is a company from Pamplona in Navarra, Spain specializing in clothing and product design. Its name means “flea’s kiss” in Basque.

Currently this nice duffle bag with matching key chain mascot is on sale for $35.99 (originally $48.) Their sheep scooter design is also featured on helmets (69,70 €) and other accessories.

If I’m not mistaken, I think one of the first things these guys designed was an adorable shirt featuring a Pamplona bull on a Vespa chasing after a festival runner. And I would kill to own one. (The shirt. Not the bull.)

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!




Spring fling bling

Plasticland calls these the “Miss Mod” earrings. I call them pretty dang cute. They are enamel over gold plate. The helmet measures 1/2″ x 1/2″, the scooter measures 3/4″ x 1″, and total drop length for the earrings is 1.5″. Of course if you didn’t want them as earrings, these would make perfect charms for a necklace or bracelet. They’re $21.00, so a great price for such detailed charms.


This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Scooter Postage Stamps

These stamps from Guinea Bissau were issued in 2008 and feature both vintage and modern Vespas as well as an assortment of Odd Scoots like the Peugeot (labeled incorrectly as a Vespa) and a Rumi. And they’re pretty easy to find using the Google thingamabob. Prices seem to be well under $10 per sheet.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

Start saving now for Santa.

This Santa is very pricey at $56 (on sale! regular price $70.00!!!) but if you have to have a Lambretta-ish Santa ornament, you have to have a Lambretta-ish Santa ornament. We won’t judge you here at ScooterSwag.

Thanks to Cassie for this find!


ALERT It looks like this is gone from the Cozy Pineapple site. The direct link I put in the link above no longer goes to any specific page. Darn … so if anyone finds it on another site, please let us know!

Heads-Up Goggo Scooter Owners!

The Galison “Bon Voyage” line features the bulbous and beloved Goggo scooter on their retro travel sticky notes, gift notes, and notecards – but not on the notebook. Prices range from $10-$11. After clicking on the link below, type in “Galison Bon Voyage” to see all of the line.
So do any of ScooterSwag’s followers have one of these rare Odd Scoots?

Galison Bon Voyage Writer’s Notecards at Amazon.com

And no scooter was stirring . . .

Merry Christmas Eve Scooter Swaggers!

On top, here’s a vintage Russian Christmas card just for you. The Russian Santa Claus is called “Ded Moroz” or “Grandfather Frost”. Both sound ominous to me.

The second card features the fairly rare Peugeot scooter as Santa’s transport. Note that a joyful reindeer is also getting a lift.

How much rp (reindeer power) does it have?

Rococo Chocolates is a London chocolatier. They’ve labeled this a “Lambretta” but it’s a bit too generic odd scoot to identify. In any case, Santa’s clearly ditched his trusty sleigh. Still those reindeer are so high maintenance (drama, drama, drama) he may be better off. It’s hand painted dark chocolate (gorgeous!) and costs £25.00. And impressive stocking stuffer indeed! And in my humble opinion, far too pretty to eat.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find.


This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: Reproduction Scooter Girl Tin Toy

This is a really great looking toy that you might be able to find on eBay every now and then. But alas, it’s pretty rare – even though it’s a reproduction. Still with tin toys going for prices as much as full-scale vintage scooter (unrestored, natch), this might be worth looking for. She measures approximately 6.5″ long and made in India. I checked into the toy company listed on the box (TTC Toys) but they’re out of business.

Thanks to Julie G. for this unique find!

Have yourself a Perry little Christmas!

We featured some Perry the Platypus (from the show “Phineas and Ferb”) recently and here he is again in this very adorable Chrtistmas ornament. This is well priced at just $9.50 and measures 3″ high and 2 3/4″. It is made out of resin.

Okay – POP QUIZ! – which real-life scooter do you think Perry’s cartoon scooter most resembles?